Fairytale Kingdom International

Polymer clay creations handmade in Italy. Jewelery, lots for resellers, household items, favors for your special occasions, religious accessories.
International shipments all over the world.

Who I Am

My name is Laura, I am 27 years old and I live in Trento in the north of Italy. I was born and raised in Venice,  i attended classical high school and the university of psychology. Despite studying in a completely different field, at the age of 20 I choose to become an artisan.  Everything I have learned over the years, I have learned through practice.  Most of the experience I have acquired mainly thanks to the numerous markets in which I participated. 

You are welcome in my laboratory 

Here my creations come to life. They are all created by hand without use of molds, each creations requires time and attention because it is treated in the mini details. I hope you will be happy in my little fairy tale world. To continue browsing, scroll through the categories using the button at the top left.